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Exhibits Documentation A guide to building exhibits using Spotlight

Using Exhibit Item Widgets

A widget is a user-selected exhibit component that performs a particular function. Exhibit creators can add both standard widgets and exhibit item widgets. Widgets can be added to Home pages, Feature pages, and About pages.

Exhibit item widgets are those that reference one or more items added to the exhibit via one of the methods described in the section Adding Items.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 5.19.58 PM copy.png

Browse Categories

The Browse Categories widget highlights exhibit browse categories. Each highlighted category (displayed as the browse tile) links to the corresponding browse category results page. The checkbox can be used to hide or reveal the number of items in the category.

Saved Searches

The Saved Searches widget highlights saved searches. Each highlighted saved search links to the search results page generated by the saved search parameters. Any saved search listed on the Curation > Browse Categories page, whether published or not, can be highlighted as a saved search.


The Pages widget highlights previously created exhibit feature pages. Each selected feature page is displayed as a tile with a thumbnail image you have previously selected, and it links to the corresponding page.

Item Row

The Item Row widget displays up to 3-5 exhibit items in a horizontal row. Optionally, you can add a heading and/or text to be displayed adjacent to the items. Caption options allow for up to 2 metadata elements to be displayed with an image.

Item Carousel

The Item Carousel widget displays two or more exhibit items in a carousel. You can configure the item captions, how the images are cycled, and the height of the carousel.

Item Embed

The Item Embed widget displays s a single item in an embed viewer. Optionally, you can add a heading and/or text to be displayed adjacent to the items.

Item Slideshow

The Item Slideshow widget displays exhibit items in a static slideshow. An exhibit visitor can navigate between items in the slideshow using the field you select as the primary caption.

Item Grid

The Item Grid widget displays exhibit items in a grid formation of two or more rows. Optionally, you can add a heading and/or text to be displayed adjacent to the items.

Search Results

The Search Results widget displays a set of search results on a page. Specify a search result set by selecting an existing browse category. You can also select the view types that are available to the user when viewing the result set.