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Exhibits Documentation A guide to building exhibits using Spotlight

Selecting & Formatting Widgets

A widget is a user-selected exhibit component that performs a particular function. Widgets can be added to Home pages, Feature pages, and About pages. Exhibit creators can add both standard widgets and exhibit item widgets.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 5.19.58 PM.png

Adding widgets to your exhibit

To add a widget on a Home page, Feature page, or About page, navigate to your dashboard and select the page you wish to edit from the Curation sub-menu. Click on the Edit option.

If you are already on the page you wish to edit, you can simply click the blue Edit button at the top right corner of the page.

Once you are editing the page, click on a grey "+" to reveal a new undefined widget. Next, click on the blue "+" to the left of the widget to open up the widget menu, then select the widget you would like to add from the widgets listed.

The video below shows how to add a widget to your page.

Formatting widgets

Most widgets with a text component allow the user to modify the text format (bold/italic), or add or remove hyperlinks. Double-click the text to access a pop-up menu, then select one or more of those options. (Note: triple-click the text to apply a format modification or hyperlink to the entire block of text.)

Please note that not all text components are enabled in this way.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 5.22.41 PM.png

Aa : boldface

Aa : italic

Link icon : add hyperlink

Remove Link icon : remove hyperlink

H1 : Converts widget into Heading widget.

“ : Converts widget into Quote widget.

Entering paragraphs and line breaks

Some widgets come with a text area input field (a text input with space for entering multiple lines of text). Although you can use the Enter and Shift+Enter keys to create line breaks and multiple paragraphs in the text area input field, these breaks are not always retained when the page is saved and displayed.

To reliably create line breaks in text entered in any widget's text area, do not use the Enter key. Instead, at the end of the line where you want to create a line break, select the Shift+Enter key combination twice in succession. After you save the page, each block of text is displayed as a separate paragraph.

Advanced formatting in widgets using markdown

You may also use markdown, a way to style text on the web, to add additional formatting to your exhibit text. For more information and a syntax guide, see Advanced Formatting Using Markdown.

Moving widgets

You can reposition a widget within a given page by dragging the widget by the drag-and-drop icon (the six grey dots in the top right corner). You can also reposition a widget by clicking on that icon -- a repositioning menu will appear.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 5.32.04 PM.png
Drag the widget by the drag-and-drop icon to reposition it
Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 5.35.24 PM.png
You can also click on the drag-and-drop icon to access a widget repositioning menu
Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 5.35.33 PM.png
Select a position number to in order to reposition the widget

Deleting widgets

You can delete a widget by clicking on the "x" to right of the widget. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. Warning: Once you have confirmed the deletion, this action cannot be undone.