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Exhibits Documentation A guide to building exhibits using Spotlight

Item Carousel

The Item Carousel widget allows you to display two or more exhibit items in a rotating carousel. You can configure the item captions, how the images are cycled, and the height of the carousel. Arrows on the right of the image display can be used to cycle through the images displayed. Note: Items with a no-download access restriction will not display because a large enough image for viewing can't be properly rendered.

Accessing the Item Carousel

To use the Item Carousel widget on a Home page, Feature page, or About page, navigate to your dashboard and select the page you wish to edit from the Curation sub-menu. You can also get to the same editing interface by clicking the blue edit button at the top right corner of a Home page, Feature page, or About page. For more information, see Selecting and Formatting Widgets.

Click on the blue plus sign to the left of the box to open up the widget menu, and choose the Item Carousel widget from the list of Exhibit Item widgets. You should see the options in the image below.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 3.27.39 PM 8.png
Item Carousel widget in the menu bar

Item Carousel widget and options

Adding items

To add items, click on the box that says Enter a title… For the first item you add, you will immediately see a drop-down list of all available items in your exhibit. Choose an item and it will be added to your list. Continue adding items. For subsequent items, the full list of available items will not automatically appear. You will need to type in the first three letters or more of the title, after which you will be presented with a list of matches.

Item display

Multi-page items are provided with the option to change the default display page. Click on Change to scroll through and select the default page view for the carousel.

Captions, cycling, and height

You can choose to display a primary and a secondary caption for each of your images. Choose the metadata field you'd like to use for the caption from the drop-down list provided. These captions will be overlaid on top of the images themselves, as opposed to displaying below them.

Visitors will always be able to manually cycle through the images using arrow buttons on the left and right side of the display, but you can also choose to turn on automatic cycling. If you do this, you will need to set the length of time each image is displayed before moving to the next. Your choices are 3, 5, 8, 12, and 20 seconds.

You may also choose whether you want the carousel height to be small, medium, or large by selecting the appropriate radio button.

Be sure to click on the Save changes button to save your work.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 5.25.43 PM.png
Editing the Item Carousel widget

Example of item carousel added to this page using the Item Carousel widget

This carousel includes three images. Other options were set as follows:

  • Primary caption: Title
  • Secondary caption: None
  • Automatic cycling: on and set for 5 seconds
  • Maximum carousel height: medium