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Exhibits Documentation A guide to building exhibits using Spotlight

UC Santa Barbara

Creating an exhibit

To create an exhibit, please fill out the UC Santa Barbara Library Exhibitions Spotlight Request Form. You should receive email notification within 2-3 business days that your exhibition site is ready for build-out.

For ideas on what your finished exhibition in Spotlight can look like, explore UC Santa Barbara Library Exhibitions Spotlight or other institutional Spotlight sites.

Accessing your exhibit

Once you have received notification that your exhibit has been created, you are ready to start adding content. Click on the link provided in the notification to access your new exhibit.

You may also access all of your exhibits by signing into UC Santa Barbara Library Exhibitions Spotlight site (click "Sign-in" in the top right corner). Once you are logged in, click the "Your exhibits" tab and then select the exhibit you would like to access.

Strategy and Tips

Reporting issues

If you experience any functional bugs or see any strange behavior with the UCSB theme, please contact with a description of the issue and any relevant screenshots.